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Disability Advocate and PIP Assistant

Pippy: the tiny disability advocate

This chatbot exists to help disabled people who are having trouble navigating their workplace, school or social environment. It is aware of UK legal frameworks (Equality Act etc.) and processes (PIP etc.), and is designed to be a kind and empathetic personality.

This is very experimental and should not be used as a replacement for any kind or professtional advice. Please note that data that you type in is sent to the OpenAI API which provides the LLM ("AI") service, but as per their terms, it is not used to train their models.

We don't log anything about you so anything you type in is effectively anonymous. When you refresh the page, the chatbot makes no record of your data so it's essentially a "clean slate" each time.

Pippy was created and is maintained by James Padolsey. You can direct feedback via twitter.

Images used are by terdpongvector on FreePik & Person Vectors by Vecteezy.